"I have worked with and known Cherie for over 20 years. This is a lady that truly believes in young livestock people. She has dedicated the better part of her life to generating many opportunities for young livestock enthusiasts. I'm sure that many people, like myself, have memories of Cherie encouraging them or speaking to them as children or young adults. She has touched countless lives.

Her ability to write and transfer the underlying humor in life to paper is another of her great talents. Always positive and forward thinking, she has a gift to see the best in everything and every situation. I encourage you to read Won't Ride Sidesaddle"

Christy Collins
Collins Cattle Services
Frederick, Oklahoma

"There's no bigger supporter of livestock shows, and the people that participate in them, than Cherie Carrabba. This true Texas lady has done it all...and she's done it with style, grace, and a passion like no one else. top it all off, she's the only person I know who can pull off wearing panty hose with her shorts while running a 3000-head livestock show in boiling Texas heat smack-dab in the middle of July! Seriously, I'm proud to call her both my mentor and one of my best friends. I would recommend "Won't Ride Sidesaddle" to anyone."

Rachel Ann Williams
Former TJLA All Around Champion President/CEO of Ranch House Designs

"In the thirty years I have known Cherie Carrabba the things that have really stood out are her love for junior livestock shows, the exhibits and the adults involved in them and her gift of the written word. If you want to be educated and entertained at the same time “Won’t Ride Sidesaddle” is the book for you. It will be one of those books when you begin reading will not want to put down. "

Gerald Young
Executive Director
Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association of Texas

Won't Ride Sidesaddle; Texas Tales, Hard Won Sales, and Getting the Show on the Road


During her years as editor of The Showbox, Cherie Carrabba has chronicled the lives and adventures of the livestock exhibitor as no one ever has or will. This inspiring, upbeat, and humorous collection of stories about life at home and on the road will provide you with opportunities to think about and reflect on your own family experiences With candor and humor, she brings family, friends, and characters to life on the page, memorializes the passing of some, while uniting readers and characters alike through their similarities.

Won't Ride Sidesaddle will make you laugh and cry and leave you with an appreciation for the individuals who spend their time and money in the belief that, other than Sunday School, there is no better place to raise a child than at livestock shows.


Cherie Carrabba is the Erma Bombeck of the West. Her outrageous take on life, livestock and just about everything will have you laughing until tears pour down your cheeks!

She was the principal architect of the first junior livestock exhibitor organization in America - The Texas Junior Livestock Association. Armed with an idea, a typewriter, and a work ethic she helped create a niche that changed the face of livestock exhibition forever. With the help of hundreds of dedicated parents and industry leaders, she played a large part in establishing Texas as the preeminent livestock exhibition state in the country.

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